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Professional Audio Equipment Breakdown: RCF 4-PRO8001 subwoofer
audience enjoying professional audio

audience enjoying professional audio

Professional Audio Equipment Breakdown: RCF 4-PRO8001 subwoofer

audience enjoying professional audioNorth State Audio Visual carries one of the premium Subwoofers in the market. The 4-PRO8001 is a reliable subwoofer for heavy-duty sounds and strong bass rhythm. It is one of the premium speakers for concerts and other live events. It mixes an 800 W monolithic amplifier with an 18 inch subwoofer. Not only that, but it also adds to the system headroom as well. When you need a strong output for your bass, then go for this beauty of a loudspeaker. The professional audio will be sure to blow the audience away.



The 4-PRO8001 has an effective processor with varying capabilities for professional audio production. It has a 40Hz-Xover point crossover frequency, along with a fast limiter. Its high-pass output goes from 80 to 100 to 120Hz. The input area carries a Stereo c. Jack/XLR input connector, as well as 0 dBu input sensitivity.

It has a maximum SPL of 133 dB, with its frequency response at 40-Xover point. Its low frequencies are at H/6800 Watt. The amplifier also includes forced cooling, as well as a 4″ voice coil. It has a durable cabinet made out of Baltic Birch, coated with a durable black epoxy. The cabinet also has 2xM10 for kart hardware. The Subwoofer’s physical dimensions are as follows: a height of 700mm, width of 520mm, and a depth of 700mm. Altogether it weighs at around 54Kg. Its controls include a volume, phase, and high pass output device.


Wide Application:

Good subwoofers add the needed power to a presentation. Whether it is for concerts, corporate projects, or live parties, the RCF 4-PRO8001 subwoofer contains the proper specifications for any professional audio production. One of the most versatile speakers, it even works better with a second one for surrounding amperage. Our website’s Sound System #5 showcases 2 of the 4-PRO8001s surrounding the stage, as well as 15” Yamaha DXR15 main speakers, and 6 Yamaha DXR12 floor monitors. But that is only one of the many possibilities with this versatile speaker. 

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